Why Us

1) SAME Waterjet Co focusing on waterjet cutting machines and waterjet parts developing and Manufacturing since 1997, with more than 22 years of experience to help our customers on any kind of waterjet cutting projects.

2) SAME waterjet CO. is one of the 3 members who made the Chinese national standard of Ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machines.

3) SAME offering both completed set of direct -drive waterjet and intensifier waterjet cutting machines for different material cutting purpose. Our direct drive waterjet pumps with VFD to be highly recognized by its energy-saving feature (only 8KW/hour) and silent working condition.

4) We offer different controllers for different users: WEIHONG, Beckhoff, ECS, Siemens (German market only), Bosch (German market only).

5) We have offered machines to more than 70 countries and area. You can get machines or service from our partner in Germany, the USA, Saudi Abrasive, Australia, Mexico and Malaysia.

6) English Speaking technicians for after-sales support online or on-site.